Jogging For Beginners
Jogging For Beginners

Jogging For Beginners

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Welcome to Jogging For Beginners.Your essential guide to all things jogging and how to make the most ofyour jogging.

Jogging is just like running except it's more enjoyable. Sure jogging is just running at a slower pace but there's a different mind set to jogging. It's a leisurely run done at a pace that's right for you. It's a slow runwhere youappreciate your surroundings and the way you feel. Everything about jogging is what running should be: a pleasurable hobby that anyone can do and enjoy.

By beginning jogging you're at the first step to a different healthier you. Keep jogging and you'll reach your ideal weight,be a more confident, determined and altogether nicer person. So if you've already had a jog great you've started a fantastic journey. If you haven't started yet, do it!Feel free to use what we've written here to help you get started and make it agreat hobby for you.


The health benefits to jogging are enormous. Regular exercise like jogging can extend your lifespan by many years and those yearswill bemore productive. Regular joggingalso has a positive effect on your mood byincreasing feel good chemicals in the brain and thesecontinue even after you stop.

There are other benefits to this fantastic all over body exercise. For more of those read the full benefits article here.


A schedule is where you plan yourjogging ondays of the week. Youthen do your jogging based on the schedule by running for the length of time asper the schedule at the given day of the week.This is a fantastic way of keeping track of your jogging and is great for maintaining motivation.

We have compiled the ideal beginners jogging schedule that anyone should be able to follow, read the fullschedule article here.


Even though you're only jogging and a beginner. Proper running shoes will enhance the jogging you do and you'll find it easier and have less injuries. We have compiled exactly the shoesyou need based on your foot typeand it's really easy to tellwhat foot type you are.

For the further information about running shoes for joggers and to find out which foot type youhave read the fullshoes article here.


While not as important as having good running shoes the apparel you wear must be light fitting and warm in the cold. You can't run in denim so buying some apparel is a good idea really. We go through some of the items you'll need to get the most from your jogging and why.

For more information about the perfect apparel for jogging read the fullapparel article here.


There are many running stores on the web, some are good some not so. Being jogging and running veterans we've nearly tried them all. What we have iscompiled a full review of each to help you make your mind up as to which to go for. We've based this on selection, price and more.

To find out what running store to go for read the fullstores article here.


An excellent resource to find out the bestinformation about jogging and running is by the many books available today. These are great because all the information you need is accessible in one book and is often far more in depth than a web page can go. A book can be a great investment for those startingtheir jogging.

We have reviewed the best bookson jogging for beginners read the fullbooks article here for further information.


Magazines are great if you find you're really enjoying your jogging and you may want to take it further or you may want to improve and maintain your motivation. Magazines are also a great monthly resource for everything you want to know about jogging. Flick through one at a store or get a low price subscription.

We have reviewed the best magazines available about jogging. For the full lowdown read the fullmagazines article here.

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